Aubergine mixed side plates

Wonki Ware Disclaimer

Wonki Ware is a truly handmade product from beginning to end.  I rely totally on the diligence and expertise of my staff.  We do our best to quality check every piece that we send to our customers. Due to the size of our kilns an even temperature is hard to achieve throughout the kiln and sometimes small pockets in the kiln do not reach full firing temperature rendering a slightly under fired glaze which is only detected months later when small hair line cracks develop in the glaze. The strength of the product is not weakened.  Our pottery has proved to be hardy and durable but we do not guarantee our dinnerware is chip or crack free.  We will only consider replacing or refunding to our customer if we feel our product is technically defective.

Slight colour and shape variations is in the nature of our handmade product adding to its charm, and we hope that you will love each piece as much as we loved making it for you.

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